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10 tips to control air conditioning consumption

Adjusting the optimal temperature of the air conditioning, betting on devices with inverter technology or calculating the appropriate power will help you improve the performance of your air conditioning

The good weather is here to stay. For weeks, the thermometers have announced that the temperatures are already inviting to put away boots and coats and give way to sandals and light clothing. The effects on the home? Yes, windows open for a good part of the day and tuning of the coles air conditioning.

Air conditioning systems ‘heat engines’ (and pun intended). During the next few months the summer hot flashes will ease but beware! The consumption of the air conditioning can skyrocket the electricity bill. How to avoid it? Here are 10 practical tips to enjoy cool environments inside your home without the consumption of air conditioning ruining your budget.

Do energy efficiency labels sound familiar to you? Surely you have seen electrical appliances with a green badge and the signs A + or even +++, right? This label indicates the degree of efficiency of the appliance, a characteristic to take into account to control the consumption of the air conditioning. Did you know that the most efficient ones can save you about 40{1a931630477d2b9690f3ec1fe2a7810617feeda182716df5abf85bbd6623c6d7} of consumption?

Bet on the Latest Technology in Air Conditioning Systems

The most modern models are, in general, the most conducive to ensuring control of air conditioning consumption. The reason is as simple as incorporating the latest developments in the sector such as, for example, inverter technology, and an electronic component that regulates the speed of the compressor allowing significant energy savings.

Think of a Correct Location for your Air Conditioner

Knowing how to place an air conditioner is essential to control its consumption. Regardless of whether you want to install it in the living room, bedroom or office, it is interesting that the outdoor unit does not receive a direct incidence of the sun. The opposite can lead to a poor performance of the appliance since it will cost more to operate and, consequently, it will be difficult to control the consumption of the air conditioning. Nor should you obstruct or cover in any way its units, be it the exterior, the splits.

Choose the Power Wisely to Achieve Optimal Cooling

It is another of the keys to control the consumption of the air conditioning. Why opt for an air conditioning power higher than what you need? Let yourself be advised by the experts and make sure you choose a power that meets your real needs without falling into excesses that, surely, will only translate into an unnecessary increase in your electricity bill.

Set a Correct Cold Air Temperature

The debate is served when we talk about the optimal temperature of the air conditioning. Most users bet on setting it between 20 and 21 degrees but experts say that setting the thermostat between 24 and 26 degrees is enough to beat the heat. As a reference we will tell you that the maximum difference between the interior and the exterior should not exceed 12 degrees. Did you know that with each one you will add 8{1a931630477d2b9690f3ec1fe2a7810617feeda182716df5abf85bbd6623c6d7} more energy consumption?

Use the ‘Eco’ Mode of your Air Conditioner

As we said, new technologies have led to a notable improvement in air conditioning systems. In fact, many have programs that will help you control air conditioning consumption. For example, the Eco mode that many appliances have can save you about 30{1a931630477d2b9690f3ec1fe2a7810617feeda182716df5abf85bbd6623c6d7} of energy consumption. Interesting right?

Use the Air Conditioning only when you Need it

It seems obvious but we are not always able to make correct use of air conditioning systems. If you want to control the consumption of the air conditioning, it is essential that you keep it off if there is no one in the room or, failing that, you schedule it to start on your arrival. At the time of going to sleep it is always better to bet on opening blinds and windows although if you choose to use your air conditioning, do not forget to connect the night mode so that it turns off after a reasonable time.

Keep an Eye on the Isolation of the Room where you Place your Air Conditioning System

Keeping doors and windows closed when you connect your air conditioning systems is essential to facilitate the cooling of the rooms and avoid wasting energy. In addition, routines such as opening doors and windows at night to refresh the environments or closing the blinds and windows in the hottest hours, will help you improve the air conditioning of your home and make it less costly to find the optimal temperature for your air conditioning.

Make Recurring Checks to Keep your Device Ready

Once issues such as choosing the most appropriate air conditioning power, investing in inverter technology or knowing how to place an air conditioning, another essential chapter is the maintenance of the appliances. If you notice anomalies, do not hesitate to contact an expert to review it and do not forget to clean its components so that, when it is time to use it, it performs properly. Otherwise it will be difficult for you to control the consumption of the air conditioning.

Make Proper and Conscious use of the Air Conditioner

Are you ready to enjoy the benefits of your appliances without fearing that the consumption of air conditioning will give you a scare at the end of the month? Remember that the best way to prevent surprises is to use these systems responsibly by applying basic recommendations like these that will be of great help when it comes to improving the energy efficiency of your air conditioning.