Month: December 2020


Things You Shouldn’t Do When Visiting Japan

This proverb means that where you live, there are rules and manners that you need to obey. This also applies when you visit a country or region. One of them is Japan .

Japan is a country that has its own rules in order to maintain ethics and norms that apply in its society. Well, before you visit Japan, you should know some things that you shouldn’t do when visiting Japan, including:


Awasebashi is the activity of giving food to other people or couples using chopsticks. This is very taboo to do in the land of Sakura, because it is considered bad luck because it is similar to what was done when there was a cremation tradition, where the remaining bones from the cremated ashes would be passed to other family members using chopsticks.

Cherry picking

Cherry blossoms are one of Japan’s prided flowers and are considered special because …


Tourist attractions in Seoul, South Korea

I did vacation to Seoul , the capital city of South Korea , last year to be precise in 2019. My vacation there was a management gathering program from the office where I worked. We spent 5 days 4 nights and stayed at Ibiss Ambassador Insadong. I have uploaded a video regarding the discussion of this tourist spot on Youtube, for those who are lazy to read my chatter, I can watch it there, hehhehe.

We traveled to Seoul (South Korea) from Singapore Changi Airport because we live in Batam so it is closer than Jakarta and usually tickets are relatively more affordable. We use the Korean Air airline with a travel time of approximately 6 hours, take off at night and arrive in Seoul in the morning.

Some of the places we visited while in Seoul, among others, are as follows, which might be a reference for all of …