This Is The Reason Binomo Trading Is An Innovative And Safe Platform

In this digital era, people are starting to be smart in choosing the type of financial investment. This is one way to be financially healthy through additional income. Currently, what is being studied by the public is online trading. Among the existing investment platforms, Binomo trading can be an innovative and safe online trading platform choice for you.

Binomo is an investment corporation that was founded in 2014 and is customer-oriented, supplying a web-based trading platform using a variety of investment merchandise. Along with the high awareness of public financial literacy, the choice of online trading platforms is also increasingly diverse. But be careful, before investing, you should know the target or investment goals you want to achieve, including the risks.

In trading, you can’t just rely on your instincts. You must have financial analysis skills and basic knowledge, both of which are important keys in trading.

Choose a Safe Trading Platform

Before starting to invest through trading, it is recommended to choose the top 5 brokers for 2022 that provide various innovative and convenient features, such as Binomo.

The features that Binomo provides will help you learn and practice your analytical trading skills. You need to pay attention to your knowledge and prudence in analyzing the market, so you don’t make the wrong decision in placing a position in the market. Moreover, Binomo has been under the supervision of the International Financial Commission category A, which is an independent organization that specifically oversees financial markets.

Demo Account On Binomo

learning to trade in every investment instrument there is always a risk that investors must know. To minimize losses in trading, Binomo helps its users, especially beginners, to learn in advance how transactions work through a Binomo demo account that can be tried. You can use this demo account at no cost (free).

With the Binomo Demo Account, you will gain experience in analyzing and predicting current and future market movements. The more experience you have, the more confident you will be in making analyses and predictions.

Currently, Binomo offers four asset classes, namely stocks, commodities, currencies, and indices. There are several assets to choose from within each class. Traders are advised to start with an asset or asset class that they are at least familiar with and understand.

Trading on Binomo No Commission

When you feel that you are ready to enter into real trading, all you have to do is put a deposit into your account. It’s easy, you just need to log in to your Binomo account, then deposit the amount you want via bank transfer or digital wallet. When depositing a real account, you will get a bonus from Binomo, but the amount of the bonus will depend on the size of the deposit you place. The bigger your deposit, the bigger the bonus you will receive.

After the deposit is completed and entered into the Binomo account, then you can start trading immediately. When trading on Binomo, you will not be charged a commission. Of course, this makes you feel comfortable and feel that Binomo is very friendly to investors with small capital. In trading on Binomo, you must understand the market conditions and also learn the direction of market movement. After you are sure of the direction of the market movement, you can select the green button for “Up” and the red button for “Down”.

The green button is used if you predict the price will go up, otherwise, the red button is used if you predict the price will go down. In trading Binomo, you can use a laptop or smartphone device.

Easy To Withdraw Profit Trading on Binomo

When your forecast is correct and you start to profit from trading, of course, you think of ways to withdraw funds from trading profits on Binomo. To withdraw the profit from trading, you can do it by logging into your Binomo account, then looking for the Withdraw Funds menu, and entering the number of funds you want to withdraw.

If all the filling has been completed, you will receive a reply e-mail for the verification process of your Binomo account. To provide security in withdrawing funds, you will be asked for several files and screenshots of proof of the transfer of the first deposit which can be sent via e-mail.

The withdrawal process can take anywhere from a few minutes to 3 business days, depending on the account type and payment system you choose. Withdrawal of funds can be to bank card accounts, various providers, or electronic wallet services.

Currently, to withdraw funds from your Binomo account to your local bank account, you can use the new feature provided by Binomo, namely through a Virtual Account. Fill in the form completely, starting with the owner’s name, account number, bank branch office, and the nominal balance you want to withdraw.

Binomo always provides innovation and information that traders need. The applicable policies are very necessary to understand if you are interested.