What Other Smart Home Devices Are Worth Buying

As the world moves towards a technologically advanced era, voice assistants and smart thermostats aren’t the only popular contenders in the domestic smart home market. Quite recently, other devices such as smart lighting, smart switches, and even smart plugs have been gaining popularity with domestic users. And given the different devices there are within the smart product category, we’ve shortlisted 4 smart home devices that are equally brilliant at what they do, and definitely worth the buy.

Read on below.

  1. Smart Lights

Smart lighting is a general category and has a wide variety of devices within the category itself. These range from smart bulbs, smart light strips, floodlights, smart lamps, and many more.

Smart LED bulbs for example are able to sync with your voice assistants and can be controlled easily through voice commands or even their own mobile applications. Since they are LED, certain smart bulbs can also change colors according to your preferences. What’s more is that since smart devices always have a smartphone application to support its control, users can easily turn them on or off from anywhere inside and outside of the house, even if you’re in another city, as well as setting schedules for the lights to follow through.

The Hue Lightstrip Plus is one of the many available smart lighting options in the market. Light strips are trending these days thanks to multiple users on TikTok displaying them in their backgrounds. The great thing about light strips is that they are color-changing and can easily be attached almost anywhere! Smart light strips just make everything better since they are able to be controlled easily through voice commands! The Hue Lightstrip Plus can also be extended through the Hue Lightstrip Extension if the original runs out! 

  • Smart Cameras

Smart cameras have now been greatly changing the way surveillance cameras work, since smart cameras have so many capabilities and features that make the user much more safe and secure compared to the more traditional alternatives.

Smart cameras such as the Google Nest camera have built-in smart technology and motion detectors. This allows the camera to determine and differentiate between people entering and being seen around your house as well as being able to expertly differentiate between people, vehicles, and animals as well.

Through interconnected smartphone applications, smart cameras can immediately alert users of any suspicious and unwanted activity through notification alerts. With smart cameras, users are able to tune in to the live feed of the camera from their smartphones, tablets and laptops and are even able to access footage that has been recorded as part of storage to view later. This adds to their peace of mind as well as their sense of security.

  • Smart Plug

Smart Plugs enable you to essentially make any device in your house smarter and provide much more ease of access to users. Smart Plugs are just plugs that allow for any device that you connect to it, to be able to turn on and off through the plug’s smartphone application or through voice-enabled commands through any voice assistant or smart speaker.

If you’ve left your hair dryer or the iron on and forgot to switch them off before you left the house, you won’t have to worry about the increased electric bill you will be receiving this month or any hazards because you can easily access the smart plug through the smartphone application and turn it off! And if you are at home but too tired to get up and switch off an appliance, simply ask your voice assistant to do so.

The ease of access and making almost any electrical device much smarter in terms of the controllability the user has on the device is a big plus point when it comes to smart plugs. Since they don’t require any additional hardware or even a rigorous installation process and are also relatively cheap, these are no-brainers when it comes to the world of smart home devices.

  • Smart Doorbells

Smart Doorbells are similar to smart cameras in the way that they work, with the exception of some features of course. Smart Doorbells come with built-in video cameras as well as motion detectors. The device allows users to answer the door from practically wherever they are thanks to their mobile applications. The video cameras of the smart doorbell records any activity that occurs after motion sensors are triggered. These motion sensors can easily recognize and differentiate between vehicles, people, and animals just as any smart camera would.

Some doorbells come with an added AI technology that can help identify frequent visitors – facial recognition basically. Whenever the device detects a person in front of the door, it can immediately send an alert directly to your smartphones. This adds to the safety feature provided by smart doorbells, as users can keep tabs on their home thanks to this device.  Certain smart doorbells also allow for users to add a pre-recorded message for whenever they cannot answer the door themselves! It’s super convenient.

It’s not just smart doorbells, but all smart home devices in general that bring about this convenience we didn’t know we needed, along with the automation and security features – not to mention, some smart devices are also quite energy efficient! If you’re looking to purchase any of the above smart home devices, or just want to check what other categories of smart home devices there are, head on over to